It Looks Like Nissan is Putting Tracks and Skis on the 370Z

Nissan isn’t showing a new 370Z at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, but it does have an interesting Z-related product it’s preparing to bring.  We’re not entirely sure what the so-called Nissan ‘370Zki’ is, but we think we’ve got a pretty good idea. Judging by the teaser image and video Nissan sent over today, it seems as though they’ve stuck bolted snow tracks to the rear of 370Z and skis to the front, creating an especially sporty looking, two-seater snowmobile of sorts. Nissan hasn’t confirmed that’s what the 370Zki is, but we can’t imagine what else the automaker could do to the sports car to justify such a name.

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This won’t be the first time Nissan has put tracks on its vehicles to wow the crowds in Chicago. At the 2016 show, the automaker installed tracks on the Murano and Rogue crossovers, creating the Murano and Rogue Winter Warrior Concepts. What about the GT-R, Nissan?

Whatever the Japanese brand has up its sleeve, expect it to show up at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show this month. Check out the teaser video embedded below, and stay tuned for more information on this wild build.

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