Mercedes-AMG Teases its Four-Door GT in the Wind Tunnel


Mercedes-AMG has released now teaser photos of its upcoming four-door AMG GT Coupe.

The Porsche Panamera fighter will make its official debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, and last week the German automaker confirmed it’s currently undergoing testing all around the world. But in addition to hitting the road, Mercedes-AMG also put the four-door AMG GT through testing in the wind tunnel, taking a closer look at its aerodynamics.

Although it’s still camouflaged, we can see the overall profile and design of the four-door AMG GT will be consistent with the Mercedes-AMG Concept. Certain styling cues are taken from its two-door counterpart, the one that is actually a coupe.

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An official name for the model hasn’t been confirmed, but we’re confident Mercedes-AMG will announce that at its unveiling next month. It will be the first model to use EQ Power+ branding, suggesting it will be a performance hybrid. It is most likely the gasoline engine providing power will be a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, while an electric motor will boost performance while mated to the 4MATIC+ four-wheel-drive system.

With the new four-door sports car, AMG is aiming for a zero-to-62 mph time of less than three seconds.

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