New Video Footage Proves Tesla’s Semi Is Needlessly Fast


Footage of Tesla’s electric semi truck has been circulating around the internet all month — proving the vehicle is more tangible than some might have previously argued. There appears to be at least two Tesla Semi test platforms milling around California right now, and one of them is laying rubber on low-speed industrial roads.

While we’re not sure of the logistical merits of an electric semi offering blisteringly fast cab-only acceleration, Tesla’s truck certainly looks capable of trouncing your average bobtailed hauler. There’s even video evidence to back up this claim. However, fleet managers won’t give a rat’s ass about this, as it has nothing to do with optimizing efficiency.

That doesn’t make watching the electric truck pull away any less impressive. We expected Tesla’s hauler to be a torque monster capable of superior acceleration, but this thing looks downright fast. The test platform showcased in the video even distributes two rows of rubber directly over the road’s painted “25 mph” marker in an act of utter defiance.

Take that, The Man.

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Presumably, the company will want to add some sort of limiter to prohibit lead-footed truckers from doing exactly this once the vehicle goes into production. But Tesla already said the truck is supposedly capable of a 0-to-60 time of about five seconds without a trailer, and Elon Musk claimed it was intentionally designed to “be like a bullet.”

We may see this truck entering commercial service with a silly ludicrous mode that fleet managers have to beg the company to disable.

A version of this story originally appeared on The Truth About Cars.