Standard Tesla Model 3 Delayed Even Further


Yesterday, some Tesla Model 3 preorder customers received bad news in their inbox.

For many, it’s little surprise the Tesla Model 3 has been delayed, but those that dropped a $1,000 deposit have tried to remain optimistic that the American automaker will eventually get production going. Now the customers who prefer the standard, shorter-range Model 3 will have to wait quite a bit longer as some preorders have now been pushed to early 2019 according to the Model 3 delivery estimate page.

Yesterday, some customers received an email from Tesla saying:

“Thank you again for your continued support as a Model 3 reservation holder. In the past few months, we’ve made significant progress in production and have started delivering Model 3 to customers in over twenty states.

As we work hard to meet demand, we wanted to let you know that your estimated delivery timing has been adjusted to a slightly later window. You can log into your Tesla Account to view your current delivery estimate at any time.”

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Previously, my personal Model 3 estimate for the standard battery said mid-2018, but now it appears if I opt for the first production, long-range Model 3 I can expect a delivery date between May to July 2018. Tesla is offering the option to switch vehicles for those willing to pay more to not have to wait until next year to receive their car.

Not much has changed in regards to the dual motor all-wheel drive option, which still shows late 2018.

Some preorders for the standard battery Model 3 are showing late 2018, which is dependent on how early the preorder was placed and whether or not the customer currently owns a Tesla.

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