Subaru Introduces 50th Anniversary Editions for Entire Lineup


Subaru has rolled out 50th Anniversary Edition versions of its entire lineup for the 2018 model year.

All 50th Anniversary Edition Subarus will be signified by their unique Heritage Blue exterior color. Other features setting the vehicles apart from standard models include Subaru of America 50th Anniversary Edition badging, unique alloy wheels (excluding the BRZ), satin chrome exterior trim and side mirrors (excluding BRZ, WRX an STI), black upholstery with contrasting silver stitching and 50th Anniversary carpeted floor mats. All of the vehicles will also come loaded with options and will include Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology as standard.

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Subaru will build a combined 1,050 50th Anniversary Edition models for the Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy and Outback, while the WRX, STI and BRZ will have a further combined total of 1,050 for a total run of 2,100 cars. The vehicles are intended to commemorate the Japanese automaker’s arrival in America back in February of 1968. The first Subaru sold stateside, in case you were wondering, was the Subaru 360 – a tiny, 1,000 lb city car that was at one time one of the most popular vehicles sold in Japan.

Full pricing and production details for the 2018 Subaru 50th Anniversary Edition vehicles can be found below.

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8lackie says:

We want bright colors!

Paul Stone says:

I always find it weird they reveal them after they are already in the hands of customers.

bill says:

Hells yeah

RoseFlorida says:

Need more power, not cosmetic celebrations.

Richard Joash Tan says:

And you are a bullshit! You need to be banned anyway!

Sudima says:

For the longest time this guy has been saying “and you are a bullshit” idk whats up with this guy and if he really is that human degenerate in that picture or is he intentionally a troll.

Sudima says:

Very true

K03sport says:

Kudos to Subaru and Happy Birthday. However I have to agree with a lot o people, there needs to be improvements in the power department as well as engine design and refinement. Sure, if something is not broke, it doesn’t need fixed; however, when your competition is innovating and you are not, you are falling behind. I too would like to see more colors on both the outside and inside and a wider availability of color combos vs their limited combos now. 50 years is supposed to be something special and other than the badges, how “special” will these trims be when it is just one color. At least they didn’t do the Chevy thing and add stripes of a questionable color.