Formula 1 is Heading to Netflix in 10-Episode Series

A Netflix original series is set to air in early 2019, focused on the 2018 Formula 1 race season.

Formula 1 and Netflix claim the new 10-episode series “will be the first to truly immerse the audience inside the cockpits, the paddock and the lives of the key players in Formula 1.” The race series has given Netflix unparalleled and exclusive access to Formula 1’s drivers, team principals, owners, and Formula 1’s management team.

The series will be executive-produced by Academy-award winner James Gay Rees, who also produced Senna, the documentary focused on Ayrton Senna. Paul Martin for Box to Box Films will also be a producer, while Sophie Todd will be the showrunner.

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“Formula 1 is a global sport that we are actively repositioning from a motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand,” said Sean Bratches, Formula 1 managing director of Commercial Operations. “The agreement with Netflix serves to chronicle the fascinating story of what transpires behind the scenes during a grand prix season. This is a perspective of the sport that has yet to be unveiled to fans around the world. This series will unleash a compelling vantage point to the sport that will delight fans and serve as a catalyst to entice new fans.”

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