Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept Signals Brand’s Future Styling


The veil has been pulled from the new Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Let’s get the name out of the way: Le Fil Rouge is meant to translate into ‘common thread’ and is “a reflection of Hyundai’s belief that the brand’s past, present and future designs are all connected,” the Korean automaker says. The sedan’s proportions are based on the famous golden ratio, a mathematical ratio commonly found in nature. It was designed to be instantly recognisable as a Hyundai, but features new styling cues for the brand, such as a large ‘Cascading Grille’, as Hyundai calls it.

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Inside, the Le Fil Rouge is futuristic but not overdone. The interior design is restrained for a concept, featuring light revitalised wood and grey fabric for a very Ikea-type look. There’s also a panoramic floating display with a haptic touchscreen, which controls the climate control and other vehicle settings. The wrap-around look of the cabin also creates a “calm and comfortable travel environment,” and could be a design feature we see on future vehicles from the Hyundai brand.

The automaker hopes to capture customers’ hearts with the Le Fil Rouge’s styling, and if the reception is strong, the Hyundai of the future could look similar to this svelte design study.

“Our goal is to build a beloved brand by creating vehicles with heightened emotional value to reshape the landscape of car design. This is the foundation of our concept,” said Hyundai design boss Sang-yup Lee.

Stay tuned for more coverage on the Le Fil Rouge Concept as reports live from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

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Tonypepperoni says:

That grille is mocking me.

Jack Woodburn says:

The overall shape is similar to other sedan concepts, but clearly the bean counters will kill some of the more extraordinary design features both inside amd out. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

Bespin says:

Love the hidden headlights

Lionel Arnold says:

The Germans started this fastback war and the Korean are winning. Both the Hyundai and Kia concepts are stunning. The interior of this one looks like the Jetsons have finally arrived.