Hyundai Patent Wants to Make it Easier For You to Party


Hyundai has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a joint multi-car sound system.

This fun patent application (there’s something we never thought we’d type) is for a system that would coordinate sound systems between multiple vehicles, optimizing the sound to create a stereo or possibly even surround sound effect from outside the vehicle. One paragraph describes a scenario in which a family with multiple vehicles are at a get-together and park their cars in different positions, playing music using all of their cars’ speakers.

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“First, it is assumed that a driver travels together with his or her younger brother or sister and his or her family in a plurality of vehicles,” the patent reads. “The driver and users may park the plurality of vehicles and talk to each other while listening to music around the vehicles or enjoy a meal. In this case, one (master car) of the parked vehicles and the other vehicles may be connected via wireless communication technologies. Then an interface for a speaker association function between vehicles may be executed. When types of the plurality of vehicles are selected and positions thereof are input, a recommended position for optimizing or maximizing sound may be provided according to the selected types and positions of the vehicles.” The application features illustrations showing the connected sound system being used between two, three, four and eight different vehicles. That means you’ll be able to use it if just you and a friend stopped at a rest area listening to some tunes, or if you’re at a family get-together with several other Hyundai vehicles. After poring over the patent, it sounds as though the system will be controlled via one of the vehicle’s interfaces, which would serve as the master car and broadcast the audio through the adjacent vehicle’s stereo systems.

This patent seems to have limited real-world appeal, but perhaps some customers might actually want to get together and have a little Hyundai dance party. We’re just surprised it wasn’t Kia that filed for it with its dancing party hamsters.

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