MINI is Teasing Something Very Interesting

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
mini is teasing something very interesting

MINI has announced its 2018 New York Auto Show lineup and there’s a surprise waiting.

It’s no secret that the British automaker is putting a huge focus on electrification, and it appears we might be learning more about its plans this week. The company has released a short teaser video featuring a classic MINI Cooper sporting a white roof, racing stripes, and rally lights, but there’s something peculiar about it. The badge on the hood is a shade of green, a logo design MINI plans on using for its electric vehicles.

2018 New York Auto Show Coverage

Could MINI have a surprise up its sleeves for New York? A classic MINI with an electric powertrain would certainly be interesting to see, especially if it’s race-inspired like the company’s old rally cars. We could also be seeing a production version of MINI’s first fully-electric car in New York, but then why would it tease a classic model in the video?

Luckily we will find out more soon, and stick with as we will be reporting live from the 2018 New York Auto Show.

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