Pagani Plotting Pure EV and New V12 Model With Manual Transmission

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani has a number of new products on the horizon, including a V12 model with a manual transmission and a pure EV.

According to Autocar, Horacio Pagani told Argentinian broadcaster El Tres that he currently has a team of about 20 personnel working on developing a fully electric model, which will arrive before 2025. It has no plans to get rid of the internal combustion engine in its cars anytime soon, but staying sharp in regards to electrified powertrains will keep Pagani out of trouble once the world’s governments really start to crack down on passenger vehicle emissions.

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Additionally, Spanish automotive website Autodato claims Pagani is seriously looking at offering a manual transmission in its successor to the Huayra. This decision was apparently spurred on by customer demand. The vehicle will allegedly retain the twin-turbocharged Mercedes-AMG powerplant currently found in the Huayra,  and will still have a paddle-shifted automatic transmission on offer as well.

Pagani plans to sell its EV alongside the successor to the Huayra and will build the two vehicles alongside each other at its plant in Italy.

[Source: El Tres and Autodato via Autocar]