Pagani’s Fancy Huayra Roadster Gets a Fancy Soft Top

Pagani has teamed up with Dainese to create the best possible soft top for the Huayra Roadster.

The two Italian brands worked together on the soft top, with Dainese providing Pagani access to its R&D department. The Italian automaker says the soft top is inspired by the first flying machines designed by Da Vinci, as well as certain well-known, contemporary architectonic and engineering works. It features a combination of components in High Elastic Modulus Carbon Fiber developed by Pagani, which is connected by aluminum and titanium billet joints that stretch the fabric created by Dainese.

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The aim for the soft top was to find the right balance between flexibility and resistance across every single zone. As the soft top is closed on the vehicle, the predetermined folding areas make it possible for the fabric to follow the folds of the structural members, like origami, said Pagani. This helps ensure the durability of the fabric over time, while reducing the amount of storage space it needs in the car.

“Creating the reserve soft top for the Huayra Roadster was a real technical challenge,” said Horacio Pagani, chief designer at Pagani Automobili.”Our goal was to provide customers with a folding roof solution, one that takes up minimal space when stored in the car. The soft top was conceived as a lightweight, resistant tensostructure, in which every single element contributes to carrying out the overall function through tension.”

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