Porsche Mission E Coupe and Convertible a Possibility

The electric Porsche Mission E sedan’s platform could one day underpin sleek coupe and convertible variants, the automaker has revealed. 

Speaking to Car and Driver at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Porsche’s head of electric vehicle development, Stefan Weckbach, said the Mission E’s platform is “ready” to adopt a coupe or convertible body. The low center of gravity of the platform, which is codenamed J1, means a crossover or SUV body style is off the table, however.

Weckbach also said the Mission E will be offered in rear-wheel drive form. The most powerful version, however, which could make nearly 600 hp will feature a three-motor setup. The permanent magnet motors are all-new and were developed in partnership with Porsche suppliers, so thankfully, they’re not from the VW Group parts bin.

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According to a new Autocar report, the Mission E sedan, due out next year, will feature 15-minute fast charging thanks to new technology developed with Hitachi. Prototypes for the EV have also been photographed with autonomous sensors, and Porsche is allegedly aiming to offer SAE Level 4 autonomy. The report said the Mission E will enable over-the-air updates as well.

More details on the Porsche Mission E should become available following its debut. No word on when the purported coupe or convertible variants may arrive, but we’re expecting Porsche to take their time with those.

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