How to Get the Most Out of Your Tires


Experts recommend buying tires at least every three years of owning a vehicle. However, with proper care, you can prolong their life and ensure they’re working as well as they can be. Here’s how to get the most out of your tires.

There are many ways to buy tires for your vehicle. You can head to a dealer or reputable tire store, or even better, from the comfort of your home, you can search for the tires you want online and just have them delivered.

Like buying a car, buying a tire means maintenance is necessary to keep things running smoothly and working as intended. The best way to buy tires is to also simultaneously buy accessories which will help to keep those tires lasting longer and also help you in times of a roadside emergency.

Here are a few accessories you should also consider when purchasing a new set of tires:

Perfect Quality Solutions Air Pump

How to Properly Maintain Your Tires with these accessories

Having quick access to a portable air compressor pump in case one of your tires loses air pressure is important. Especially in the winter months where tire pressure can fluctuate a lot, this air pump has three high air-flow nozzles that make it easy to be used not only car tires, but ATV and RV tires as well.

Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug Kit

How to Properly Maintain Your Tires with these accessories

Usually, having a puncture or leak in your tire will mean contacting roadside assistance or even worse, having your car towed. But with this kit, you can deal with the leak quickly and have a temporary solution to be able to either drive your vehicle home safely. It has a quick learning curve too and is easy to use for most people.

Slime 10164 Tubeless Tire Sealant

How to Properly Maintain Your Tires with these accessories

This product has a Fibro-Seal technology which repeatedly seals punctures for up to two years. It can also repair punctures in tubeless tires that are up to a quarter-inch.

If you’re shopping for new tires, be sure to do your research at

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