Top 10 Cars That Will Reach 200k Miles


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Not surprisingly, reliability is high on the list of consumer’s reasons for buying a certain type of car.

That’s should be no surprise, because even if a car is near-perfect to drive, it won’t make a difference if it’s in the shop all the time. Consumer Reports recently compiled a list of the 10 car models that it believes are the most likely to reach 200,000 miles without needing major repairs. The vehicles are all cars that have reached more than 200,000 miles in recent years, according to CR reader survey data, and are ranked in descending order based on the percentage of the vehicles with zero recorded problems in the past 12 months.

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All the listed vehicles will be used cars now, but they are still available as 2018 model year cars, so the information is relevant to those currently shopping for a new vehicle. We also used the latest model year of the vehicles in our example images, but it should be noted that the latest versions of these cars may not necessarily be the same as the vehicles referred to in the survey.

10. Toyota Camry 2018 toyota camry


9. Honda Accord


8. Toyota Prius



7. Honda CR-V honda cr-v


6. Toyota Sienna


5. Honda Civic


4. Toyota Corolla


3. Toyota 4Runner


2. Toyota Highlander


1. Ford F-150


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