BMW I1 Allegedly Coming Based on MINI Cooper Electric

Sean Szymkowski
by Sean Szymkowski

BMW’s electrification strategy will come into focus over the next few years, and part of the German automaker’s multi-million dollar investment may include an i1 model.

A new report from Spanish publication alleged that the i1 will surface in the coming years and ride on the MINI Cooper Electric’s architecture. The electric MINI Cooper should arrive for 2019, but it’s unclear when exactly the BMW model will show face if the intel proves true.

Should the two electric cars share identical running gear, the i1 would feature the single electric motor found in the MINI Electric concept. MINI did not discuss additional powertrain details at the vehicle’s debut last year. The MINI Electric should boast a range of around 180 miles, which would translate to the BMW i1, too.

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Noting the model hierarchy and designation, the i1 likely won’t be a crossover, either. BMW previously protected the “iX1” through “iX9” names, which denote SUV and crossover body styles. Without the “X,” it seems safe to assume the i1 will be hatchback or sedan.

The rumored i1 will complement future electric BMW models, including the i4 and iNext flagship car. The i4 should arrive in 2020 with an estimated range between 340 to 435 miles. The iNext will likely appear one year later, and BMW has hinted it will introduce solid-state battery technology at the time. Solid-state batteries leapfrog lithium-ion units in density and weight, though no company has rolled out production-ready units just yet.

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