Bosch Claims it Can Save Diesel Engines

Bosch Claims it Can Save Diesel Engines

Automotive supplier Bosch claims to have developed a new exhaust system that could save diesel engines.

Speaking at a press conference outside Stuttgart, Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner said a new breakthrough “offers the opportunity to shift the heated debate over diesel into new territory and, hopefully, bring it to a close.”  That breakthrough is a diesel-exhaust system that claims to cut emissions far below legal limits that are taking effect in 2020. It could potentially help automakers avoid driving bans in Europe, which are threatening the use of diesel engines.

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Bosch is the biggest supplier of diesel engine technology to global automakers, including Volkswagen and GM. It has been looking to help make sure the technology doesn’t die off as a result of Volkswagen’s massive diesel scandal. The company says the new process optimizes thermal management of exhaust temperatures, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions to one-tenth of the legally permitted limit. Denner also added that it doesn’t require new hardware and the system is capable of keeping emissions stable even at cold temperatures.

In recent years, following Volkswagen’s diesel scandal, automakers have been transitioning to electrified vehicles. Volkswagen itself has stopped focusing on diesel engine development and instead is investing into its I.D. sub-brand of electric vehicles.