First Drive Reactions to the Lamborghini Urus


The Lamborghini Urus is the Italian automaker’s second SUV, but does it deserve to be called a Lamborghini?

While hasn’t been fortunate enough to get behind the wheel just yet, other media outlets have posted their first drive reviews of the Lamborghini Urus. Like us, driving enthusiasts around the world are wondering if it’s a true Lamborghini. Here are some reactions from other, more fortunate, automotive publications from around the world.

Top Gear‘s reception of the SUV seems positive, with the publication saying, “We can admire what Lamborghini has achieved with the Urus. It has successfully beaten physics into a bloody pulp with the application of the very latest technology, and blended it all together to masterful effect. The way it tears up a racetrack has to be experienced to be believed. It’s not playful or subtle, but brutally effective in a way your eyes tell you it shouldn’t be. And then there’s actual space inside, and the fact it does the boring everyday stuff with ease.”

It does note that “finding that ultimate connection with the car is hard.” Top Gear, however, is excited about what the Urus represents, which is a moneymaker for Lamborghini. If those profits help fuel a new generation of supercars for Lamborghini, then the Urus is almost like a necessary evil.

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Meanwhile, Autocar isn’t shy about saying the Urus doesn’t overtly feel like a Lamborghini, but “you can see where they’ve tried very hard.” The U.K.-based publication does bring up a good point, adding the Porsche Cayenne didn’t exactly feel like a Porsche when it was first launched, and we all know how popular the Cayenne is now. In summary, Autocar found the Urus stops tremendously well despite its weight, has good seats, and a decent trunk. As for what’s bad? The engine’s too quiet unless the suspension is turned up to hard. And like other “coupe SUVs,” visibility is an issue.

Auto Express commented about the SUV’s struggles with the comfort of the suspension over poor roads, especially since the Urus can come with rather large 23-inch wheels. It was, however, smooth and quiet on decent tarmac, but as soon as the surface deteriorated, there was “too much noise and vibration transmitted to the cabin.” Like other media outlets, Auto Express did come away impressed with how the Urus drove: “We drove the car on road and track, and its agility, braking ability and sheer cornering grip are a triumph of engineering knowhow over mass.”

EVO‘s review mirrors Auto Express, noting the SUV’s rough ride quality on the largest wheels available. The publication goes as far as saying the Urus on 22-inch wheels with a Corsa tire “is a freak,” with “more agility” than seems possible. Perhaps most telling though, EVO says the Urus would surely embarrass some hot hatches and sports sedan at a track day.

One thing is for sure, there’s a general agreement that the Urus is fast. Throttle response on the SUV is sharp and steering is surprisingly light and accurate.

We can’t wait to get behind the wheel and publish our own findings. Stay tuned.

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