Honda Gets Serious About Educating Hybrid Customers

Chidi Ohiaeri
by Chidi Ohiaeri

With the new Insight, Clarity, and Accord Hybrid models, Honda is getting serious about educating hybrid customers.

Honda is going through a green revival and following the Insight’s reveal at the 2018 New York Auto Show, a few details emerged regarding what to expect from Honda’s plan for promoting its hybrid cars.

Getting customers to clearly understand how their hybrid cars work is very important for Honda and getting people new to green cars on board via education is even more important. Drivers still misunderstand green cars and have a lot of questions and misconceptions, which could prevent them from even considering one for their next car. Come April 2018, a media campaign dubbed “I was an electric skeptic” will give customers important and easily digestible information about the functionalities of hybrid vehicles.

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“Traditionally, our hybrid customers have mostly relied on our vehicles themselves to help with most of the educating process, but our goal is to bypass that process and feed critical information about hybrid functionalities before the ownership experience even starts,” says Susie Rossick, Asst. Vice President of Honda Automotive Marketing.

There is also the issue of properly targeting the campaign to completely cover Honda’s entire hybrid line. After all, Honda plug-in hybrid customers will need to be educated differently than conventional hybrid and EV customers. The campaign will be rolled out slowly in key markets such as Los Angeles and New York.

“Launching the campaign in those markets gives us the platform to refine it as we move along because the goal for us is not just to educate but to educate effectively and leave no stone unturned for the hybrid community,” said Rossick.

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