Hyundai Lafesta is a Stylish Korean Liftback Made for China


The Hyundai Lafesta liftback sedan has made its debut at Auto China 2018.

You may be asking yourself “what’s a Hyundai Lafesta?” and if we’re honest, we did at first too. We then learned that it’s Hyundai’s new “sensuous” sport sedan for China that was “designed to meet the dynamic and passionate demands of a new mainstream generation from the 80s and 90s.” In other words, this four-door has been designed to appeal to China’s Millenial population specifically through its sporty, extroverted styling.

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Under the hood of the Lafesta is a 1.6-liter GDI engine, which sends power to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Further powertrain details weren’t provided, with Hyundai set to share more on the Lafesta closer to its arrival at Chinese dealerships later this year.

Hyundai says the Lafesta also features “practical ergonomics and quality materials,” along with  “the most advanced and safest driving assistance systems,” in its portfolio.

Local Hyundai joint venture Beijing Hyundai is also showing the stylish Le Fil Rouge concept at Auto China 2018 this week, along with the Hyundai Nexo fuel cell crossover.

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