Mercedes-AMG A35 Coming With ‘Around 300 HP’

Mercedes-Benz is working on a new A-Class based A35 AMG that will do battle with other mild performance cars like the Audi S3 and BMW M235i.

Speaking to Car and Driver, AMG boss Tobias Moers said the company eventually release an A35 AMG based on the new A-Class that will have “around 300 horsepower.” This model will bridge the gap between the standard non-AMG version of the car and the rip-snorting new A45 AMG, which will have up to or over 400 hp on tap. It’s easy to see why Mercedes would do this – the A45 AMG will have way more performance on tap than the CLA 45, AMG, and will thus be more expensive, so the A35 will be there to retain any customers it may leave behind.

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The A35 and A45 won’t be hybrid models, with Moers previously saying the A45 will be able to achieve an output of over 400 hp without any sort of electrification. If it retains a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, as may believe it will, the engine will produce a frankly ridiculous 200 hp per liter – more than the 197 hp per liter the McLaren Senna boasts. Now how’s that for a ‘hot hatch’?

The A35 AMG and A45 AMG are expected to debut sometime in 2019.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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