The 5 Most Advanced Genesis G80 Features


The Genesis G80 offers cutting-edge advanced tech to support drivers at all times. 

The Genesis G80 is quickly gaining a reputation as a compelling luxury sedan from the market’s freshest luxury brand. Though the Genesis G80 offers up stand-out looks, performance, efficiency, and a one-of-a-kind buying and ownership experience, it’s also a model brimming with the latest advanced technologies, which truly connect the driver to the driving experience.

Below, we’ll explain the five most advanced features of the Genesis G80, and what to expect from the driver seat while using them.

Lane Keep Assist

This is a simple, innovative technology that does big things for safety. A forward-facing camera constantly compares the G80’s position on the road to the position of visible lane markings. When the vehicle is at risk of leaving its lane unintentionally, or, when a corresponding signal light hasn’t been activated, a slight amount of corrective steering is applied to help guide the vehicle discreetly back to the center of its lane. The system is smooth and seamless, and operates almost undetectably. By making it easier to keep centered within a lane, safety is enhanced, and driver workload is reduced.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start

The Genesis G80 offers up some of the most sophisticated cruise control technology available today, which works to help drivers relax, even in the most unpleasant traffic. Simply activate the Smart Cruise Control system, set your speed, and choose from one of several pre-set following distances. Under the watchful eye of the forward-facing radar, the G80 automatically accelerates, coasts or brakes to maintain that speed and following distance, regardless of changing traffic conditions. If you’re in a stop-and-go traffic jam, the stop/start functionality kicks in—bringing the vehicle to a full stop and restarting it as traffic inches along. With the Smart Cruise Control system, Genesis G80 lets drivers navigate even the most frustrating traffic jams with absolute ease, and there’s no need to touch the pedals.

Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-traffic Alert

Unseen hazards are unseen no more, thanks to Genesis G80’s rearward-looking radar. When the vehicle is moving forward, rear radars monitors the blind spot areas, alerting drivers via an audio signal and light-up icon on the rearview mirror if a car, truck or motorcycle may be hiding nearby. The alerts prompt drivers to look closely before changing lanes, and flashes an alert should the driver signal a lane change while a blind-spot intruder is detected. When the vehicle is reversing, the same radars actively scan the road or laneway the vehicle is backing into, alerting drivers of approaching vehicles that may not yet be visible. Here’s a luxury sedan that totally has your back.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

The Genesis G80 constantly assesses its driving environment using radar and camera information, to keep drivers and nearby motorists safe. One compelling example is the advanced Emergency Braking system, which constantly analyzes the road ahead for signs of trouble. Should the G80 be closing in on a slow-moving or stopped car too quickly, drivers get an alert, and the vehicle can even apply braking at the last moment to prevent or mitigate a collision. Using the latest in image-processing technology, the system even detects pedestrians, and can fully brake to help prevent a car/pedestrian collision.

Multi-view Camera System

Using four wide-angle cameras mounted to the G80’s body, a full 360-degree perimeter of high-resolution camera coverage is available on-screen to help drivers maneuver in tight quarters. Though the system defaults to a bird’s-eye view that provides total perimeter camera coverage on a single screen, drivers can also select from numerous pre-set camera angles to help them park more safely, including special angles for parking against high curbs, parallel parking, and more. Just a click or two, and you’ve got the ideal safety-enhancing view you need on screen to help you park safely.

Driver Attention Alert

It’s a fact of life in modern times—drivers may become fatigued at the wheel. Thankfully, Genesis G80 employs some uniquely innovative technology to help combat tired driving. The Driver Attention Alert system constantly analyzes vehicle position, driving time, steering inputs and other factors to get a sense of how alert the driver is. When the system detects signs of fatigue or a loss of attention, it issues audible and visual alerts suggesting the driver consider their current energy level, and to consider taking a break.

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