The 5 Most Luxurious Genesis G80 Features

The Genesis G80 is equipped to fit right into any luxury lifestyle.One measure of an effective luxury sedan is how well it incorporates elements familiar from its owner’s lifestyle into their driving environment. Automakers achieve this in numerous ways—including the use of materials, design elements and technologies that extend the convenience, efficiency and comfort the driver enjoys in their daily life, into their world at the wheel.

With the Genesis G80, designers and technologists worked hard toward this goal. The result is a striking and attainable luxury sedan that fits into the daily routine of even the most discerning luxury aficionados.

Below, we’ll take a look at the G80’s most luxurious features, and how they help bring the driver’s luxury lifestyle along for any drive.

Genesis Smart Sense

On a daily basis, luxury shoppers interface with a multitude of products and technologies that can assist them, reduce their mental workload, make the task at hand more efficient, and that surprise and delight. Many of these technologies are smart, self-activating, and fade from thought when not in use. The Genesis Smart Sense system extends this premise to the driving environment via a networked safety system that constantly scans the driving environment for signs of trouble, and can discreetly alert drivers if they’re at elevated risk. You’ll never know that the sophisticated Genesis Smart Sense is there, unless it’s warning you of a potential collision hazard up the road, an unintended lane departure, or a multitude of other potential threats to your safety.

Sophisticated Interior Design

Just a glance around the G80’s cabin provides a snapshot of the very latest in color, material, design and electronics, inspired by what’s current in the worlds of architecture, fashion, interior design, and high-end gadgets. Each element of the G80’s cabin is carefully designed and crafted for a distinctive look and feel, and each will feel familiar to luxury enthusiasts from all walks of life. From the formal and modern atmosphere of the cabin to the sense of space provided by the panoramic moonroof, all of its elements intend to let the driver transition effortlessly from home to car and back, with consistently upscale comfort and surroundings.

Athletically Elegant Exterior

The Genesis G80’s body has been styled, to the last detail, to incite an emotional response, pride, and a love of all things luxury. Key luxury sedan styling elements include potent LED lights, a prominent grille, and gorgeous wheels. Moreover, the Genesis G80 Sport’s chiseled character lines, prominent sculpting, and available copper trim accents create a unique and distinctive appearance that stands out in a sea of familiar faces. Here’s a luxury car designed to do what many don’t: to stand out from a crowd, and to be easily recognized—and admired—at a mere glance.

Innovative Tech Must-haves

Luxury and technology often go hand-in-hand, and the Genesis G80 is no exception. Drivers can wow their passengers with the opulent cabin and upscale trimmings, and also, with nothing less than the very latest in high-tech features. Look for the largest-in-class HD navigation display touchscreen, a wireless smartphone charger that juices mobile devices with no cord, and a potent Lexicon® stereo system to satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. Plus, with a full suite of automatic features, including lights, high beams, wipers, and climate control, the G80 handles virtually everything for you—leaving you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the voyage.

Potent and Efficient Power

Genesis engineers have created a powerplant lineup that provides the power of choice, regardless of the driver’s demand for efficient performance. Choose your blend of power and efficiency: on offer are a 3.8-liter V6 with 311 horsepower, a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 365 horsepower, or a mighty 5-liter V8 that’s good for 420 horsepower. Each engine utilizes advanced technologies for improved output and efficiency, including Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology, which helps extract maximum power from every drop of fuel. From the driver seat, expect pleasing throttle response, exceptional quiet and smoothness, and power to spare—alongside highly reasonable fuel consumption.

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nauticalone says:

I like this car a lot! I do wish the V8 was available in the “Sport” trim.

Lionel Arnold says:

If you drive it as offered, it’ll make a believer of you. Try it, I did and I was surprised at the twin turbo 6 power delivery.

nauticalone says:

Thanks for your reply – I’m sure you’re right, and I will! I just thought the V8 as an option might be nice too!

kaffekup says:

Great Hyundai press release, AG!
But I think you already did it as “the safety features that only Genesis (and Corolla) have!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Hyundai/Genesis. I’ve owned their cars since 2000.