The Insane 5,000-HP Hypercar Actually Drives

The Insane 5,000-HP Hypercar Actually Drives

What seems like a mythical hypercar may actually become reality.

The Devel Sixteen is a hypercar currently in development in Dubai, and its goal is to set some crazy records. In December 2015, the company shared a video of its engine maxing out on a dyno at 4,515 horsepower, suggesting Devel’s goal of making 5,000 hp could actually become real. And now there’s video proof the car drives under its own power, even if it’s not terribly exciting.

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The company posted a video on its Instagram showing the Devel Sixteen testing out in the desert, but on low boost and at 20-percent throttle. So yeah, we don’t quite see thousands of horsepower being slammed into the pavement, but it’s proof that the car is coming along. The Devel Sixteen – when and if it heads to production – will offer a standard V8 model with 1,500 hp, as well as a 3,000-hp variant. The hypothetical 5,007-hp model will sit at the top of the range, but it won’t be street legal.

The big question is where Devel will find tires that won’t instantly melt when 3,000 hp is put through them. But hey, at least now we have something to look forward to if the Sixteen is indeed progressing in development.

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