Toyota: the New Supra Will Not be a Cheap Car


Another day, another small bit of intel on the new Toyota Supra.

This time, the scoop is in relation to the how much the new Supra will cost. Speaking to the Netherlands’ Autorai, Toyota’s vice president of R&D, Gerald Killmann, said the new car will not be cheap. He explained that Toyota wants there to be a very clear contrast between the entry-level 86, which starts at just over $26k in the US, and its new halo car, the Supra.

(We’ve translated Killmann’s quotes here from Dutch to English, so his statements may not be exact, but they should be close enough to accurately reflect the points he was trying to make.)

“It will not be a cheap car,”Killmann said. “There will be a clear difference between the GT86 and Supra. The GT86 remains the affordable sports car, the Supra becomes the performance model. Whether the production will be limited, we are not going now.”

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Killmann said the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra will share engines and a platform but will receive unique interior and exterior designs, along with different chassis tuning. He also said the Supra will not be a hybrid and revealed the majority of the development work on the car was completed in Japan – not Germany, as the BMW relation may indicate.

“The platform is the same (as the Z4),” he said. “The same applies to the powertrain. The styling is of course completely different and also the adjustment of the chassis will be very different. The powertrain is not a hybrid, but a petrol engine.”

“This car was mainly developed in Japan,” he added. “The European R & D center is not much involved.”

Rumors indicate the new Supra will come with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine sourced from BMW, which will be paired with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. BMW is said to be targeting a sub-3,200 lb kerb weight for the Z4, and we’re expecting the Supra to weigh roughly the same. Toyota has also confirmed to us the car will have 50:50 weight distribution.

We’re expecting the new Toyota Supra to rear its head sometime this year. We are almost there, Toyota fans.

[Source: Autorai]

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