Yep, That’s What a Longer Audi Q5 Looks Like

If your idea of luxury is a slightly awkward-looking version of a handsome SUV then boy have we got some good news for you. Today in Beijing, Audi revealed the Q5L, its first long wheelbase SUV (which is… specific).

Audi has added about 3.5-inches worth of car to the middle of the Q5 (for a total of 15.6 ft), to give rear-seat passengers a little extra legroom. Audi’s engineers have really accomplished some witchcraft, though, because despite only adding 3.5-inches to the wheelbase and length, passenger get 4.3-inches of extra knee room.

That’s important, remember, because many affluent Chinese buyers prefer their luxury cars to have lots of legroom in the back seats to make being chauffeured more comfortable.

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Powered by Audi’s capable 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, making anywhere from 190 hp to 252 hp, the Q5L will be like be like the short wheelbase Q5 in most other ways.

Buyers can choose from Vogue, Lifestyle, Design, Sport, and Sport Plus trims. Is it weird that we hope they’ll introduce Vogue trim to America? It actually sounds pretty great.

The Q5L will be built with the help of FAW-VW at their Changchun plant in northern China.

A version of this story originally appeared on Fourtitude