7 Differences Between the 2019 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado: The Short List


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The 2019 GMC Sierra is set to go on sale this fall along with an equally new Chevrolet Silverado. But these two full-size trucks are not merely carbon copies of each other. In fact, you might just be surprised by all the ways they differ.

It’s true, the Sierra and Silverado are pretty much identical twins that just happen to be wearing different hats. This means they should share the same major mechanical components, things like the frame, primary suspension bits and, of course, powertrains, which should include 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter gasoline V8s as well as a new diesel inline-six.

In spite of all these foundational similarities, there are a few significant differences between what GMC will offer later in the year and the truck that’ll be available at your local Chevrolet store. In fact, here are seven of them.

7. Unique Styling

And most obvious of all, these two pickups have unique styling. The character lines on each one’s sides are different, with the Sierra’s sort of looping around while the Silverado has a pair of them swooping along its flanks. Additionally, their head and taillights, fender flares and exhaust outlets are different, plus the GMC, especially in Denali trim, has a much more chrome-heavy grille. For added pizzazz, even this truck’s three-letter logo has been reworked to look more premium.

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6. Different Interiors

2019 GMC Sierra AT4

Inside, it’s a similar story, which is point No. 6 on this list. The overall design between the two is nearly identical, with the Sierra’s cockpit being a touch nicer. Distancing itself from the more workaday Chevrolet, it offers open-pore wood trim and real aluminum accents in higher-end models, just like you’d find in luxury cars these days, which is appropriate, since top-tier Denali models supposedly have a higher average transaction price than Mercedes-Benz.

5. The Sierra Gets More Tech

Complementing its more upscale cabin, the Sierra will also be offered with more advanced technology than its bow-tie sibling. Things like GM’s innovative Rear Camera Mirror and a multicolor head-up display will be on the options list, both of which are firsts for the segment. Beyond this, there’s also a fresh infotainment system that’s supposedly easier to use and more responsive, having been inspired by today’s smartphones.

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4. Available ProGrade Trailering System

But that’s not all, because the Sierra will have much more to offer than just a fancy rear-view mirror or color HUD. This truck is also debuting the brand’s new ProGrade Trailering System, which offers helpful features like a pre-departure checklist – so you don’t forget to attach the safety chains – an integrated light test, trailer tire-pressure-and-temperature monitoring, hitch guidance and more. GMC’s ProGrade Trailer System will be standard on SLT and Denali models.

3. It Offers Adaptive Dampers

Yet another feature that’s included for no extra cost on Denali versions of the Sierra is Adaptive Ride Control. Yes, it will come with adjustable dampers, ones that can react to changing road conditions in as little as two milliseconds, being powered by a dedicated control unit with integrated sensors that detect heave, pitch and body-roll motions. This should give the new Sierra a car-like ride and confident handling, plus a leg up over the Chevy… and maybe even Ram and Ford offerings.

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2. A Carbon-Fiber Bed is on the Options Menu

But now things are getting really interesting because we’ve saved the two most-interesting items for last. Later in the 2019 model year – meaning it won’t be immediately available when the truck goes on sale this fall – GMC will offer the industry’s first carbon-fiber bed. The inner walls and floor will be made of this aerospace-grade material, something that saves 62 pounds compared to the standard roll-formed steel box. Additionally, it should provide best-in-class resistance to dents, scratches, and corrosion. That box will also come with a surfeit of tie-downs and even an optional 110-volt power plug.

1. MultiPro Tailgate

But now for the most groundbreaking feature offered on GMC’s latest and greatest Sierra, the MultiPro Tailgate. Essentially a gate within a gate, it offers six separate functions and is ABSOLUTELY INGENIOUS. It’s got a built-in load stop to keep long items in place, the upper tailgate can fold down for two-tier cargo hauling, you can drop both gates so it’s easier to reach things stashed in the bed, it offers a step that can support up to 375 pounds and you can use it as a work surface to prop up your laptop. It’s even a great place to sit. Hell, what can’t it do?!


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