Audi Stops Deliveries on 60,000 Diesels for Alleged Cheat Devices

Ray Prince
by Ray Prince

Audi is on the hook for 60,000 of its diesel A6 and A7s, alleged to have fitted its 6-cylinder engines with illegal emissions devices.

First reported by Germany publication Der Speigel, the latest recall marks a continued battle by Volkswagen and Audi to appease regulators and the public. As a result, the TDI A6s and A7s have stopped all deliveries with no timetable for delivery.

Of the vehicles, roughly half were sold in Germany, with none were sold in the United States.

“The KBA has requested a hearing on suspicion the Audi V6 TDI A6/A7 models have been fitted with an illegal defeat device,” said Germany’s Transport Ministry in a statement.

“We report any irregularities to the authorities because full clarification is our top priority,” added Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. “We did so without delay also in this case.”

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This latest discovery follows Audi’s recall of 85,000 vehicles in 2017 due to the same issue, after Volkswagen’s admission 11 million diesel vehicles were fitted with emissions-cheating software that would reduce emissions by as much as 40 times less under lab settings versus real-world conditions.

It also raises legal and ethical issues with top executives, including former chief executive Martin Winterkorn, whom U.S. prosecutors have accused of knowing about the issue as far back as May 2014.

No further details have yet to be released by Audi regarding the issue.

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