Best Ways to Protect Your Car From the Elements

Best Ways to Protect Your Car From the Elements

Your car’s exterior, particularly the paintwork, is consistently exposed to the elements: Sunlight exposure or exposure to extreme cold weather don’t make things easy on your paint. 

Not every car owner has the luxury or real estate to have a garage dedicated to their vehicle to help protect it from the weather all year round. But there are other options to help protect your vehicle without resorting to possible expensive modifications to your parking space.

Here are a few well-constructed car covers that should provide amazing protection for your car all year round should you have to park outside.

Leader Accessories 7 Layer Car Cover

This seven-layer soft car cover can fit a sedan size length up to 264 inches. Those seven layers include a layer of cotton to protect your paint, four layers of spunbound polypropylene, and two layers of UV coating. Accompanying straps buckle at the bottom to protect against heavy winds.

ISHOWStore Sunproof Car Canopy

This unique car cover can be neatly folded up in a storage bag for easy storage in your trunk. A remote can be used to quickly fold and unfold the canopy. It is designed to fit all types of cars and the big surface will protect against dust, acid rain, bird droppings, and leaves.

Kakit Snow and All Weather Car Cover

Coming with an antenna patch and a robust three-year warranty, this high-quality cover is made from a non-woven fabric with double-stitched seams to fight off snow and rain. Very useful for all those winter months.

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