BMW Sold More I Cars Than M Cars Last Year

Ray Prince
by Ray Prince

BMW has now delivered more than 250,000 electrified vehicles around the globe.

Its sales comprise MINI electric, BMW iPerformance, and BMW i vehicles, which rose 52 percent in April sales, translating to 5 percent of BMW Group’s global sales. By country, the U.S. accounts for 7.3 percent of electric sales versus 9 percent in the U.K., with higher figures in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland at 15 percent. These figures are topped by Malaysia, where half of all BMW’s sold in the region are electrified.

“We are delighted to announce that there are now over a quarter of a million electrified BMW Group vehicles on the world’s roads,” said BMW board member, Pieter Nota.

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Regarding year-to-year performance, BMW has also led a 41 percent jump in electrified sales growth from the same period last year, including a 73-percent jump in the U.S., a 26-percent jump in the U.K., and a whopping 646-percent jump in China. In all, BMW has topped its 2017 annual goal of delivering 100,000 electrified cars globally, hitting 103,000 units, which topped M Series car sales despite its own record-setting year of 80,000 units.

Electrified vehicles classify as all-electrics or hybrids, with the majority of BMW’s sales coming from hybrids. At the moment, the BMW i3 is its only all-electric vehicle, with two new all-electric models, the all-electric Mini and iX3, slated to go to market by the end of 2019.

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