Ford Plans To Electrify Trucks, SUVs and the Mustang


Hidden within Ford’s quarter one financial results was some big news on the automaker’s plans for electrification.

In the financial report, Ford hinted at future electrified powertrains for a number of SUVs, trucks, and the Mustang.

The news follows the automaker’s decision to cull its passenger car lineup in North America. The Ford Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus will not see another generation. The Focus will be sold only in the “Activ” model, which emulates a small crossover.

On the electrification front, expect hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains to find their way to the F-150, Escape, Explorer, Mustang, and yes, even the Bronco.

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One major reason for the onslaught of electrified SUVs and trucks is Ford’s shrinking vehicle portfolio. With more fuel-efficient cars, like the Fiesta, out of the picture, the automaker’s SUVs and trucks will carry more weight. Plug-in hybrids are a relatively straightforward way to accomplish exactly that.

Ford said it’s fully committed to hybrid-electric powertrains for its future lineup, and they will complement an onslaught of new battery-electric cars coming next decade. The automaker reiterated news that it will launch 16 battery-electric cars by 2022. The first of the bunch will be a performance utility vehicle, which Ford originally teased as the Mach 1 at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

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smartacus says:

Ford is abandoning fuel efficient cars, but embracing electrification.
Now when gas prices are going up and EPA is relaxing MPG goals.

Seems they were planning on gas prices going down and EPA MPG goals to tighten.

Felix says:

Mustang Hybrid… ugh

Raj Stone says:

The future will be hard on you

Geforcepat says:

Yeah, but who are they gonna convince to buy them?