Fully Electric BMW iNext Concept Teased


BMW is previewing a preview with a recent teaser image of the iNext concept. Expected later this year, the concept is a look ahead at an all-electric model coming in 2021.

The concept will be unveiled later this year and, as you can sort of see here, will be an SUV of about the same size as the X5.

BMW is reportedly developing a number of battery packs for the iNext whose range will vary from 280 to 435 miles of range with power ranging from 134 to 443 hp, or even 800 hp if the rumors are to be believed.

The brand has also said that the iNext will have advanced autonomous capabilities when it comes out.

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The iNext will follow the reveal of another electric SUV that is being called the iX3. Set to have the covers taken off in about three weeks, the iX3 will hit production in 2020 and be built in China.

The iNext, meanwhile, will be built at BMW’s Dingolfing, Germany plant.

A version of this story originally appeared on Bimmerfest