Going to Las Vegas? Hitch a Ride in a Self Driving BMW With Lyft

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

This past January during CES 2018, Aptiv and Lyft were giving the media rides around Las Vegas in Aptiv’s self-driving BMW 5-Series based test prototypes.

The demo rides were a success and Aptiv’s self-driving system appeared to fairly advanced and refined. Now, the company says it’s ready to deploy a fleet of 30 of the self-driving BMWs within busy areas of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Ride seekers will be able to hail one of the vehicles through the regular Lyft app, so long as their pick up and drop off locations are within the geofenced area the cars can operate in. Riders must also opt-in to the service, so those who’d rather not ride in a BMW doubling as a self-driving test lab won’t have to.

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In a blog post, Aptiv’s CEO, Glen De Vos, said the partnership with Lyft will allow them to gather data and work toward improving its self-driving system even further.

“The massive amounts of data we will gather on how these cars react to countless, unpredictable scenarios — all with operators ready to take over if needed — is invaluable and will help us improve our systems across the board,” said De Vos.

Aptiv will begin offering rides to residents of and visitors to Las Vegas on May 3rd. You’ll be able to easily spot the autonomous Aptiv cars thanks to their brightly painted orange wheels.

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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