Porsche Could be Planning Two 911 Hybrid Variants

According to a recent report, there could be two Porsche 911 hybrid variants for the next-generation sports car.

The next-generation Porsche 911 is set to arrive in 2019, and it has been long rumored it will be electrified. Auto Express now reports the 992-generation model will be the first-ever production version to go hybrid, but there might actually be two offerings from the German automaker. One model would sit in the middle of the range alongside the Carrera, while the other would be offered as an alternative to the 911 Turbo.

Sources told Auto Express there’s a passionate debate on whether a range-topping 911 hybrid should be developed, but one thing is for sure, the car’s platform is already “fully developed to accept a hybrid powertrain.”

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It’s almost inevitable that Porsche will offer a 911 hybrid, considering its focus on electrification with the upcoming Mission E. It’s also one of the first automakers to use hybrid power in a supercar for increased performance with the 918.

The big question is whether fans of the brand will accept the idea of a range-topping 911 hybrid variant, regardless of how quick and powerful it is. Porsche customers are purists, evident by the 911 R and the brand’s dedication to offering a manual transmission however it can.

Then again, there’s a new generation of buyers out there that are probably wondering why the 911 hasn’t been electrified.

[Source: Auto Express]

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