Putin’s Limo Put to Use for the First Time at Inauguration


Russian president Vladamir Putin arrived at his fourth inauguration in a brand new Russian-made limousine, foregoing his old Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman for something domestically made.

In a video captured by English-language Russian news outlet RT, Putin is seen traveling slowly down a cobblestone road in the new limousine, which was surrounded by a motorcade of guards of motorcycles.

The limousine was purpose-built for Putin, with development work beginning back in 2012. It was engineered by the Russian government research institute, which received some technological direction from Porsche and automotive supplier Bosch. It’s apparently powered by a Porsche-developed turbocharged V8, but this information has been difficult to verify. A V12 engine is also said to be in the works, so Putin’s car could feature either.

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The limo vehicle will spawn a smaller sedan that will eventually be available to other Russian government officials. They will be sold under the  Aurus brand in Russia and will serve as the spiritual successor to the ZIL-41052 limousine of Russia’s first president, Boris Yeltsin.

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