The Toyota Supra is Going Racing … in NASCAR?

The upcoming Toyota Supra will replace the Camry in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, according to a recent report.

The Japanese automaker has yet to unveil the production Supra, but previewed the upcoming sports car with a race car concept earlier this year. Now, Sports Business Journal reports the Supra will take to the track once it’s ready to do ovals.

The move makes sense, considering the Camry sticks out like a sore thumb competing against sports cars like the Camaro and Mustang in NASCAR. Of course, NASCAR race cars don’t really carry much of their production counterparts, so whichever model is actually racing on the track is there for promotion purposes only.

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Citing six unnamed sources, the report says one of the main reasons for the switch is declining interest in traditional sedans, and an increased reliance on sports cars to generate excitement for a brand. Toyota, however, has not said anything yet on the matter.

Overall, the move makes sense, considering the Supra nameplate has quite the reputation when it comes to various forms of motorsports. As strange as it might sound to hear the Supra competing in NASCAR, whoever thought a Camry would?

[Source: Sports Business Daily via Car and Driver]

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