Volkswagen Launches 286 HP Golf GTI TCR Concept

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

European enthusiasts are celebrating the Volkswagen Golf GTI again in Austria at this week’s Wortherseetreffen, and the annual celebration of all things GTI (and most thing VAG) has delivered again.

Volkswagen has unveiled yet another addition to its GTI lineup, the “near-production” GTI TCR. The concept show at Lake Worth makes 286 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque as of 1,600 rpm.

“At the moment, the Golf GTI TCR Concept—an athlete derived from racing—is a study,” says Jurgen Stackmann, VW’s head honcho for sales. “But at the end of the year, we want to make this GTI vision come true.”

Whatever that model ends up looking like, VW has endowed this concept with a standard 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission and a limited slip diff. Although it’s limited to 155 mph, VW says that it can take the electronic limiter off of it, allowing it to race all the way to 164 mph.

That higher top speed will come as a result of a so far unnamed package that also replaces the 18-inch Belvedere, forged aluminum wheels with 19-inch alloys and fits a sports chassis setting and DCC adaptive damping.

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Either way, the wheels are wrapped around new perforated brake discs that will be grabbed at by special calipers and pads, specially designed for this task.

To set it apart visually, VW has fitted a new front bumper (these also serve the purpose of better feeding air into the TCR’s two additional radiators) and sharply contoured front splitter. A new diffusor fits around integrated exhaust pipes and the look is finished with matching side skirts.

TCR lettering along the side of the car can be matched to an optional honeycomb pattern to really make the car stand out.

Inside, meanwhile, sports seats are finished in unique microfiber and fabric, with a red motif that is continued in the stitching of the seat, steering wheel, and shifter nob. The word TCR will also help you avoid puddles, as it is projected onto the road when the door is open.

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Sebastien Bell
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