10 Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants for Father’s Day

10 Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants for Father’s Day

Finding a good gift for your dad on Father’s Day could be quite the task. Luckily, these 10 items can make this process a peach.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. While clever neck ties and novelty mugs have their use, sometimes dad just wants something a little extra special. Here’s a handy list of things most dads probably want but are too nice to say.

10 Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants for Father’s Day

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

Believe it or not, many dads like to wash their car. For some, there’s a therapeutic quality to giving things a good, detailed clean. One of the most exhaustive kits available on the market, the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care kit gives dad everything he needs to get his old ride looking showroom fab again. Why not offer to wash it yourself?

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Dad’s with older cars need a reliable way to stream their old-school music from their phones. With a Bluetooth FM transmitter, there are no more messy audio cables lying around the car. Clean, compact and budget-friendly, the VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter even includes a MicroSD card slot and provides voltage readout.

(Dan’s note: I bought one of these last year for my 2005 Focus. Love it, works brilliantly for such a cheap, small little thing. Even gives a voltage readout, which I used to diagnose a dead battery!)

Dash Cam

As we’ve said before, dash cams are a great accessory for the car. Dad may be an aspiring YouTube star, or just keen to protect his assets. Osser Dash Cam offers full HD video and easy mounting. Memory card sold separately.

Floor Jack

DIY Dads need a reliable way to lift their car. Built-in jacks are really only best for emergencies, but the Big Red Hydraulic floor jack by Torin is made for everyday lifting.

Socket Wrench Extension

Dads who are doing any work around the engine bay really, really want extensions for their socket wrench. So many of the bolts are out of reach, not to mention spark plugs, so why not give dad an extended hand? Available to fit a selection of socket wrenches, TEKTON 1601’s three basic sizes have him covered.

Torque Wrench

Speaking of all those bolts, many of them around the engine bay need to be tightened with very specific force. In order to do that, dad is going to need a Torque Wrench. The TEKTON 24320 offers up to 200 in-lb of force; ideal for everyday engine work.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Every good workshop needs some tunes, and dad probably wants something to listen to while he’s DIY’ing in the garage. Well-known for their tools, the DeWalt DCR006 is the rugged Bluetooth speaker for any job site.

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Portable Shop Vacuum

When it comes to keeping their vehicle clean, many dads have resigned themselves to using a standard household vacuum. Surprise dad with the super portable, super functional Shop-Vac 202; perfect for cleaning vehicles and workbenches.

Headlight Restoration Kit

Many dads with used cars will know painfully well the foggy look headlights get as they age. It’s a quick fix with the right product, which is something most dads don’t have. Meguiars G3000C restores most headlights, no matter how foggy.

Giant Travel Mug

It’s true that coffee mugs for Father’s Day are cliché, but let’s face it; Dad needs coffee. As much as he can get. At 24 ounces, the Bubba Hero Fresh stainless steel travel mug has all of Dad’s hot or cold drinks covered.

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