The 2020 Buick Lacrosse is Already Testing a New Fascia

It may feel like the latest generation of Buick Lacrosse was revealed just yesterday because in automotive terms, it kind of did.

Hitting dealerships in 2016 as a MY2017, the Lacrosse is a handsome thing, but that hasn’t stopped the perfectionists at Buick from seeking to improve its appearance, or at least that’s what these spy pictures suggest.

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Spied wearing camouflage fore and aft, it seems that this will just be a facelift. We would anticipate seeing some Regal-style design cues on the bumpers when Buick takes the veil off this 2020 Lacrosse.

I suppose we should be happy that there will be a Lacrosse at all, though, given the way things are going in the realm of sedans. So we welcome any attempts to make sedans a little more exciting.

A version of this story originally appeared on GM Inside News.