Ford Patent Unveils an Easier Way to Unload SUVs

Ford has filed a patent application for “methods and apparatus to control vehicle tilt.”

Filed on December 1, 2016, the patent application was recently published on June 7, 2018, and details a vehicle tilting system that would make it easier to load and unload Ford’s vehicles. Basically, the system uses a series of length-adjustable actuators and a controller that could adjust the height of the actuators. This would allow the user to adjust the tilt of the vehicle, making it easier to place or remove an object from the roof.

“Loading or unloading an object onto or from a vehicle can be challenging due to physical limitations such as a height of a person and/or a difficult-to-reach storage/mounting location of the object,” reads the patent application. “For example, reaching an object on a car roof can be difficult for persons that do not have a requisite height and/or have difficulty moving their arms above a certain height over their shoulders.”

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The patent application also details the possibility of using a portable device, which a user could use to provide inputs and/or a desired tilt angle of the vehicle. The actuation controller would then calculate the desired tilt angle based on the provided input parameters.

Such a system would prove useful not just to everyday SUV owners, but Ford Transit van users. It would also be advantageous when a vehicle is parked on uneven ground and something needs to be unloaded.

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