Ford’s New Explorer Police SUV is a Hybrid

Ford’s New Explorer Police SUV is a Hybrid

With so many new cars going the hybrid route, it should be no surprise that Ford is applying hybrid technology to its line of police interceptors.

The American automaker has already introduced a Fusion Hybrid based police interceptor and now it’s set to introduce an Explorer hybrid based patrol vehicle as well. Ford released shadowy images of the new SUV this week, officially called the Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid, which have revealed some subtly updated exterior details for the Explorer and a green hybrid badge.

Ford says the Police Interceptor Utility hybrid “is expected to have a projected EPA-estimated combined label of at least 24 mpg — approximately 40 percent improvement over the current 3.7-liter V6.” It didn;t provide any other details on the vehicle’s powertrain, however, but should release more details shortly.

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While a hybrid Explorer for the sheriff’s office may not seem very relevant to consumers, it’s important to note that this is likely a sign that a civilian-spec Explorer Hybrid will eventually arrive. The automaker proudly proclaims the Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid’s battery has been neatly integrated and doesn’t compromise cargo volume or interior space. You don’t think they’d go through all that engineering trouble just to sell a handful of electrified Explorers to the cops, do you?

The Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid will go on sale this summer, but according to Roadshow, it won’t go into production until May of 2019. Additionally, the updated Explorer is expected to arrive for the 2020 model year, so we should see it make its debut between now and next Spring.

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