How To Get Dead Bugs Off Your Car


It’s that time of the season, the sun’s shining and the insects are out to play. Most likely, this means the hood or front of your car will soon be filled with a lot of dead ones.

Depending on where you live and what roads you usually drive on, you will most likely soon end up with bug splats on your hood, windshield and grille. It can be a nuisance not just aesthetically, but functionally because if left unattended for too long, your paint can be damaged and lose its ability to protect the raw metal underneath.

Not to worry, there are a lot of options open to you when it comes to safely and effectively cleaning bug remains off of your car’s exterior. Here are the four best ways:

How To Get Dead Bugs Off Your Car

Viking Bug Cleaning Sponge

When dealing with cleaning off bug splats, the best place to start is making sure you have a sponge specifically made for this situation. For dead bug splats, a bit more pressure than normal may be required to clean them right off and this sponge has the right elements. A unique microfiber material gently removes splat from both paint and glass, the high density material holds as much solution as possible with every soaking and it can be reusable for a long time.

Bounce Dryer Sheets

This may be unusual but because these contain biodegradable cationic softeners, they can can also gently remove bug splats. This is the most DIY approach here because assuming you use a dryer to dry laundry, all you need is just a few dryer sheets placed in a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Then, you can spray the mixture onto the bug affected spots on your car’s exterior and continue on from there.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product

The best thing about this product is that, it is safe on almost anything but polycarbonate and clear polystyrene plastic (watch those headlights). It can deeply penetrate through bug remains and rinse them away with little effort. This is the method that does not require too much elbow grease.

Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover

This product speaks for itself and is the way to go when seeking out professional help for this type of cleaning situation. Because it has a formula specifically designed for this purpose, all that is needed is a spray on and wipe off technique. Even better, each cleaning leaves a protective barrier on surfaces that makes it harder for bug splatter to stick to the paint in the future.

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