Michelin is ‘Knocking on the Door of 300 MPH’

It might just be a matter of time before a hypercar can claim it reaches 300 mph.

The idea of breaking the 300-mph barrier almost seems like a myth, but that is the goal companies such as Hennessey. Currently the top speed record is held by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which reached 277 mph last year in Nevada. But there are quite a few companies eyeing a new record, including Bugatti, Devel Motors, and Rimac. But there is one major limitation every automaker is experiencing, and that’s the need for tires that can perform at 300 mph.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Michelin’s product manager for original equipment, Eric Schmedding, confirmed the company is “knocking on the door of 300 mph.” Michelin made the record-breaking tires used by both Koenigsegg and Bugatti and wants to continue the trend.

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In order to set an official top speed record, the vehicle’s tires have to repeatedly withstand high speeds, since an official record is only awarded after taking the average speed of several runs.

Interestingly, Bugatti isn’t showing as much interest in holding a top speed record anymore, which used to be its claim to fame with the Veyron. “It’s not on the top of my agenda,” said Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann. “It’s something [my engineers] ask me about internally, but I think that Bugatti is much more than this.”

As for Koenigsegg, it’s already preparing the Agera RS replacement. The Swedish automaker isn’t setting any expectations, but we’re confident it will be chasing a new record.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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