Tesla has Reportedly Refunded 23 Percent of Model 3 Orders

According to a recent report, refunded deposits for the Tesla Model 3 are on the rise.

The American automaker has struggled to ramp up production on its affordable all-electric sedan, and it appears April’s delays have caused some pre-order holders to cancel their Model 3. According to Second Measure, who analyzes billions of anonymized purchases, 23 percent of Model 3 pre-orders have been refunded, while eight percent have purchased a Tesla. The remaining two-thirds of pre-orders are either waiting for their spot in queue, or have requested a refund to be processed.

The data also shows that 61 percent of all Model 3 reservations were placed within the first month they became available. The American automaker has remained quiet on how many Model 3 pre-orders it currently has in its books, but Second Measure notes so far in 2018, Tesla has issued twice as many $1,000 refunds as it has received $1,000 deposits.

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Configurations however are on the rise, further evidence that production is ramping up and cars are getting to customers. In April, configurations nearly tripled month-over-month for Model 3 reservation holders.

It’s worth noting that Second Measure says its findings may exclude some customers who used different payment methods for the deposit and the configuration. But there’s another caveat, configurations aren’t necessarily for Model 3s, as some pre-orders could have upgraded to Model S or Model X vehicles. In that case, it’s probably more beneficial to Tesla to not only sell a more expensive vehicle, but one it has steadily been producing.

[Source: Recode]