Tesla Pickup Will Have Standard AWD and ‘Crazy Torque’


Elon Musk has shared some details on the forthcoming Tesla pickup truck via Twitter.

The American electric automaker first announced its plans to produce a Ford F-150 rivaling pickup last year, with Musk promising that such a product would arrive after the Model Y crossover. At the time, Musk said he has had the core design and engineering for the truck in his mind for about 5 years and that he was “dying to build it.”

The truck is still on Musk’s mind, it seems, with the outspoken CEO letting some more details drop today. On his Twitter, Musk said the Tesla pickup will have dual motor all-wheel drive as standard and will also come with “a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load.” He proclaimed it would have “crazy torque” as well, which should prove to be useful when towing and hauling, in addition to self parallel parking and 360-degree cameras.

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Musk seems determined to deliver a product that will square with pickup truck buyers’ needs, asking his Twitter followers what they’d like to see from the Tesla pickup in regards to its capabilities and features. One feature Musk mentioned was a tailgate that could lower to the ground in order to help with loading and unloading the bed, although he stopped short of saying the truck would have such a system. He also said it would have a 240V outlets for running power tools.

The Tesla Model Y is set to go into production sometime in 2020, which means the Tesla pickup probably won’t arrive until 2022 at the earliest. That leaves lots of time for Musk’s Twitter followers to tell him what features they want to see in it, at least.

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