The Best Off-Road LED Lights That Won’t Break the Bank

Off-road lighting is an essential part of the off-roading enthusiast toolkit. Like winches and lift kits, spotlights and light bars are useful when out on the trails. Here are some of the best off-road LED lights we could find.

While no light pollution provides some of the most stunning night skies, it also covers trails in complete darkness. Standard headlights often don’t cut it. Unfortunately, many might think a good set of off-road lights can be expensive, particularly a new set of LED-based lights. Now, thanks to how common LED technology has become, light bars and spots are brighter, more efficient and lower maintenance than ever before. Best of all, there is now a big selection of LED powered lights for any budget.

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When looking for a set of LED lights for off-roading, you should consider what you’re currently driving and the places you have to mount them. You should also look for lights with a good waterproof rating, so they can handle getting a little dirty when things get going. Also, consider the materials that make up the light; plastic may be resistant to rust, but it can be brittle when cold. Aluminum is typically more durable and rust resistant. Compare the lumens output the unit is capable of and make sure the power requirements aren’t more than your wiring can handle.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, or the kind of off-roading you will be doing, a light bar may be the most efficient solution. A single strip of LED lights in a variety of length, they can cast a lot of light lumens down the trail ahead. Liteway’s 12 inch 8640LM LED light bar is fully waterproof to the IP68 standard. The universal fit means it can be attached to the bumper, hood or grille. Light beam both floods and acts as a spot on the trail ahead.  This all aluminum LED bar puts out an impressive 8640 lumens of power. Need more light? There are also 33″ and 50″ options available.

Best Off-road LED lights

LEDs can be used in a traditional pod style light as well. These smaller individual pods allow you to customize the shape and layout. They also fit in places light bars won’t. Stick them on bumpers, grilles, roof racks; just about anywhere you can safely mount them. Because LEDs use a lot less electricity than halogen bulbs, and last many times longer, LED pods are a great low maintenance, low cost option. With three rows of LED lights, Liteway LED pods are waterproof, dustproof and only four inches wide.

Best Off-road LED lights

One of the key elements missing from LED bars and spots, like the ones above, is that classic round shape. There’s something about the classic ribbed glass, rounded off-road lights. Look no further than these traditionally styled LED pods from SafeGo. Choose from either flood or spot configurations; or both, depending on what you need. These add a modern touch to any classic off-road machine, but at a cost even a tight budget can fit.

Best Off-road LED lights

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