Corneringstone: Hyundai Styx Name Reserved in the EU

The Hyundai Styx?

No, Hyundai’s not planning a collaboration with the Chicago-based American rock band. The Korean automaker has just filed to reserve the Styx name with the European Intellectual Property Office, likely so it can use it on one of its future production cars or concept vehicles.

It’s not clear what kind of vehicle the Styx name may be used on, but it was filed under a trademark classification that includes automobiles, sports cars, SUVs, EVs, trucks and buses. It was also filed with the EUIPO, so it could be a Europe only model or a global product of some sort.

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If we had to guess, we’d say the Hyundai Styx will end up being a concept vehicle of some sort. Two major European auto shows are on the horizon – the Paris Motor Show this fall and the Geneva Motor Show next spring, so perhaps this unique name will appear on a tangible product sometime soon.

[Source: EUIPO]

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