The Ferrari J50 is Finally Being Delivered to Owners


Back in 2016, Ferrari debuted the J50 – a 488-based styling exercise that would be available to customers in Japan only. 

Now, nearly two years later, the J50 is being delivered to lucky customers. Limited to just 10 units, the J50 will be an extremely rare sight, but at least two of the vehicles were displayed at the recent Ferrari Racing Days Japan event in Fuji – a red example and a silver example. Ferrari says one of the vehicles was delivered to its new owner at the event, which we imagine is the silver example seeing as it has a number plate.

A third J50 was highlighted by Ferrari’s official magazine recently as well. This example is truly unique, with a blue exterior, gold wheels, blue leather upholstery and yellow contrasting stitching and accents. The color combo is certainly not for everyone, but we actually quite like the blue over yellow look.

Presented in December of 2016, the J50 was build to commemorate Ferrari’s 50th anniversary in Japan. The unique bodywork was styled by Ferrari’s in-house designers and is similar to other recent mid-engine Ferraris such as the one-off 458 MM Speciale and the SP38 Deborah. It uses the same chassis and 690 hp 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine as the 488 GTB.

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