Finally! Bugatti Chiron Gets a New Sunroof

Finally! Bugatti Chiron Gets a New Sunroof

Bugatti, like any manufacturer, has to keep buyers interested in its cars by adding new features and gimmicks. For its latest trick, Bugatti is cutting two holes in the roof of the Chiron.

That’s right, the Chiron will now be offered with “Sky View!”

Essentially a fancy sunroof, Sky View is made up of two glass panels in the roof, one over the driver and the other over the passenger. Each pane is 25 and a half inches long (65 cm) and 17 and a third inches wide. The glass is laminated for toughness, tinted to keep your head from burning, and made extra strong to keep the Chiron from being floppy.

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On top of all that, it also gives the driver and occupant about an inch of extra headroom.

Bugatti hasn’t yet announced how much the optional extra costs, but you can call them up right now and order for yourself to find out, because the option is available effective immediately.

The first public showing of the Chiron Sky View will be at Monterey Car Week in August.

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