Tesla Model 3 AWD Range Rated at 455 Miles by CARB

Sean Szymkowski
by Sean Szymkowski

The California Air Resources Board has provided range estimates for the Tesla Model 3 all-wheel drive and performance models. The dual-motor electric-car variants will go 455 miles on a single charge, per CARB.

It’s important to note the CARB ratings are not EPA estimates or real-world figures. Instead, CARB uses its own methodology.

Tesla has filed a CARB certificate for the Model 3 Long Range AWD and Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance. Still no certificate for the Standard Range model.

Also, for some reason the AWD models have a shorter range (455.32) based on the UDDS test than the RWD model (495.1). pic.twitter.com/PKH7zki9cM

— Bozi Tatarevic (@hoonable) July 9, 2018

What’s most interesting is the drop in range compared to the rear-wheel-drive Model 3. The Model 3 Long Range sans the dual-motor setup returns 495 miles, per CARB. The EPA has officially rated the Model 3 Long Range variant with a 310-mile range estimate.

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Although the AWD and performance model certificates are now available, CARB still hasn’t published any information on the Model 3 Short Range variant. The most affordable variant has been missing in action since production started as Tesla works to produce pricier vehicles. Thus far, only the Long Range, AWD and performance variants have entered production. Tesla has not set a concrete date for when production of the Model 3 Short Range variant will begin.

[Source: Bozi Tatarevic on Twitter]
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  • K.C. K.C. on Jul 10, 2018

    Even with EVs and Hybrids adding AWD adds weight and drag lowering the fuel economy and range. The Model S AWD has a shorter range than the Model S RWD. EPA estimates are 63% of UDDS' so the Model 3 Long Range AWD's UDDS' 455 miles means an EPA 286 miles.

  • Arthur Burnside Arthur Burnside on Jul 10, 2018

    Pure nonsense, from braindead/bankrupt California