Top 10 Cars That Are Driven the Most By Their Owners


While some cars are too rare, valuable or well-loved to have owners put tons of miles on the odometer, some cars are just meant to be driven.

Automotive data company iSeeCars recently analyzed more than 1.7 million 10-year-old cars and put together a list going over the top 10 cars with the highest annual mileage. We don’t think the results will surprise you – almost all of the vehicles on the list are big SUVs. We imagine this is due to the fact that families typically buy SUVs, and between the daily school run, going to and from sporting events and taking family vacations, it’s pretty easy to rack up the mileage.

View the top 10 cars that are driven the most by their owners below.

10. Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is driven an average of 13,019 miles a year, which is 13.9% above average.

9. Ford Expedition

2016 ford expedition

The Ford Expedition is driven an average of 13,112 miles a year, which is 14.7% above average.

8. Cadillac Escalade ESV

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is driven an average 13,257 miles a year, which is 16% above average.

7. Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is driven an average of 13,273 miles year, which is 16.1% above average.

6. Honda Odyssey

2018 honda odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is driven an average of 13,282 miles a year, which is 16.2% above average.

5. GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon is driven an average of 13,396 miles a year, which is 17.2% above average.

4. Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is driven an average of 13,525 miles a year, which is 18.3% above average.

3. Chevrolet Tahoe

2. GMC Yukon XL

gmc yukon xl denali vail resorts

The GMC Yukon XL is driven an average of 14,109 miles a year, which is 23.5% above average.

1. Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban is the most driven vehicle of them all, racking up an average of 14,299 miles a year – 25.1% above average.